Hide the Daylight from the Sun

Future Islands/On the Water

"Balance" by Future Islands
Unique voice and interesting instrumentation made this song one of my obsessions during the month of June. It kind of makes you just want to go. Anywhere. Away.

Yellow Ostrich/The Mistress

"Whale" by Yellow Ostrich

Interesting percussion and lovely vocal harmonies work well with the somewhat simple music. Lovely track.


I’m actually amazed at the amount of activity going through my page after going this long without me. I’m seriously flattered so many new and old followers still come here. Seriously you guys rock. Well, i will attempt to update this page again. With an approach that involves music as much as street art(based on the amount of mail I received asking for more music posts) Weeee.


In case you guys didn’t know, Ratatat has been making awesome electronic music for a while now, too long for you to have gone living without them. They make excellent workout music too.


Today I went out with a friend who is very dear to me. While I stayed here in my hometown she has moved far from here, exploring and experiencing life, coming back only to visit family and a few friends. Among the usual things we talk about (school, work, life) the topic of her departure to Mexico in the next 2 days arose. And from this the topic of travel. It makes me sad to see myself stuck here while others walk unfamiliar paths. I want to travel too. She asked where I want to go, what I expect…and I found my responses too vague and unsure to offer any answers. I really am too naive sometimes. I expect that one day I can just leave everything behind, wander through an unknown country, and that everything will turn out fine. It hurt to hear her say that she was saddened by my still being here. It really did. But she says I can do it. I’ve always told myself these things, but sometimes you need to hear someone else say it. I will leave Ontario, California. I will.